D&B TV Memberships

What are the D&B TV Memberships?

D&B TV Memberships, are a section of choices available for our content supplier to choice from. D&B TV Memberships are for people or companies that have a catalog of content they wish to gain an audience for. Memberships for content owners, starts from £1.99 up. Each membership, has a structure limit, which will limit how many things you can add per category.  Many people will want a have membership account, but not all content is accepted, please fill out the form below first before making a purchase. Even if you’re just buying the application, as a gift, you will need to apply for an account with a content example. The reason we do this is because we only want the best content being made available to our viewers, so your content will need to be viewed before allowing your activation. If you still make the purchase without filling out the form, you will be refunded and/or be asked to complete the form which also request a sample of your content via submission.

Level Price  
Basic content owner level 1 (6 item structure limit) £1.99 now and then £3.00 per Month. Select
Independent content owner level 2 ( 18 limit) £9.99 now and then £5.00 per Month. Select
Small business content owner level 3 (108 limit) £20.00 now and then £7.00 per Month. After your initial payment, your first 3 payments will cost £3.50. Select
Corporate content level 4 (unlimited) £100.00 now and then £250.00 per Month. Select
Membership expires after 1 Year.

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Please upload your file, then complete the form, before buying any of the content owner packages. Cannot be more than 110MB large which is about 1min 30 secs long