How to use D&B TV NETWORK?

D&B TV Network uses advanced technology, which gives you the power to stream all forms of content professionally. You are able to sell access to your content, so you can make a profit back from all the hard work you put into making it. This direct method of engagement “Focus on you” separates you from competition, stops people copying your idea’s, and gives your viewers that one-on-one experience. This is the ultimate marketing tool, media you control, and manage, giving you full control over your audiences. To get started you will need to go to and select your best suited membership package. All content will be viewed prior to receiving your admin details.

After you receive your login details for your admin, you will need to have your own storage, used to store your content, files, etc. You will be given a how-to-use-your admin video, which explains how to add things to your network.

We can provide a hosted storage for you, but it is within your interest to find and manage your own storage provider, i.e. your web server.




Is a good question? D&B TV NETWORK LTD are a group of people working towards the same goals. Our aim as a group is to give everyone a fair platform in the entertainment industry, removing all the red tape made by the corporate industry. This application is created, to give direct visuals to its viewers. We are the only platform to have a direct approach to its audience, with a rapidly growing fan base.

What do we plan to do?

D&B TV NETWORK LTD plan to be the most influential 21st century media group world wide with over half a million investment ; our direct approach is highly addictive as it aims, not only at the popular and well known, but also the Local unknown raw talent giving them a platform like never before. This will build a community for the independent market and also strengthen the corporate scene. We will also
keep stats to see if any of the local talent cast a shadow over any surpassing popular signed artist. There will be no trickery used like YouTube to increase views etc. This is defiantly an interesting concept, and the future of television. This does not stop there, we can also reach mobile viewers, plus we have a radio station to enhance the entertainer’s vision. We already have over 4,000 dedicated viewers and a potential audience of over 100,000+, we could go into statistics but we will not want to bore you, (We don`t do boring)…

Who are involved?

We already have a few major players of the entertainment industry involved, not to mention everyone’s local community. We hope to have more sponsorship and investment, in the near future as it is not
hard to see why not to support. We will also take donation from people who love and support what we are doing and want to see us grow, of course as time goes by and our popularity increases, our competition will find ways to stop or try and make our life more difficult, so financial support will play a large part in our survival. How did we get them involved you ask? well it was simple they also see the benefit of having an account with us which gives them one on one direct visual content to its viewers who pay for it to have it this way.

Why is it the future?

Because it is direct so no competition from rivals mixes in with your stuff like YouTube, it is selective media so you know the name and can have it to view right in front of you. Being able to select what you
view is now the future of television. no more waiting on scheduled TV to feed you it`s programming…Now you choose what you want, and select it. But now it gets even better, as it is not overloaded with people making anything to seek attention, it has the best of your local entertainment, real people trying to make real stuff. Our account holders buy into this because they have control and
know that when someone wishes to view their content it is no accident, that’s what they want to view. it is up to the content owner to keep and maintain the will to be the best. They also have the option of teaming up with another content provider on a joint account.  Most of the content will be prerecord
so you will never miss a new song, episode or latest film.

What do you expect to see from us?

Expect to see us everywhere, expect your friends, and your friends, friends to be talking about us, expect your neighbours and your family members to spread the word about us, expect us to be seen on the news, discussed about on the radio, talked about at schools of all ages,
spread around the world.



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