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We love to hear your thoughts to help us improve any ideas or suggestions. Remember these will be your opinion, nothing more, but if we consider them to be of value, we will of course acknowledge your views.

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You may wish to find out more or having trouble making a payment. If you have a question about how to get an account with us, or need to know or opted out of holding your basic information. This would be a useful way to get in contact. When you contact D&B TV we hope to get back to you within 48hrs. It could take longer depending or your request. If it is not urgent or your question is not about opening a new account, it might be faster to leave a question on the blog page.

About D&B TV Blog

D&B TV Blog is where you will find out about the latest news, information, and interest. Sign up and get involved, turn up to the events and be apart of something big. ¬†Here you can discuss what you have watch on D&B TV, who you would like to watch, and really get involved in what’s to come. You can ask question like “So what do you think of so and so” or “what did you think about that show on” you can start a topic and get feedback from others. The whole point of the blog is to give others your opinion, start off a debate and/or get some facts across. You might just want to find out information and other members will be able to give assistance or point you in the right direction. The main thing is to get your view across, let people know what you thin, hopefully it won’t all be negative, but all the same speak your mind. This blog is for discussion only so if you have a technical question, please use are ticket system, no answers for problem your facing weather it be for the viewing or provide side of things will be answered, unless it comes from another member who has experienced the same problems. It might be a good idea on the other hand to look though the discussions to see if anyone else has been through the same issues, at would help minimise the traffic for when you do have a real technical question that needs assistance. Many people we notice an increase in members who you will have something in common with. Or they maybe on a complete other subject, which catches your attention, grabbing your attention to get involved. Whatever it is, we would love to hear your views and see what becomes the hottest topic.

Reasons  NOT to get in contact.#

We will not respond to solicitation nor will we reply to support questions for new account holders. If you need support you will need to open up a support ticket, and get help from our technical team. This contact section is for general enquires, and suggestions.




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